What to do in Big Canoe When it Rains and Rains!

Cartwheels in the Rain

Cartwheels in the Rain

What a difference a year makes. Last year Lake Lanier was so low that Atlanta was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough water to go around even with the restrictions. All the plants were stressed out and many of them didn’t make it. Big Canoe’s waterfalls were at a trickle and even our own Lake Petit was down about two feet. Local farmers had a tough time keeping their fruits and vegetables watered too. This year has been the complete opposite. All the local lakes are at full capacity. Lake Lanier is just about full, and many docks are floating again. The local produce is going to be plentiful and delicious, and the tree canopy was best described by my clients who visited this weekend and said it reminded them of the tropical rain forest where they both grew up.  All this rain is appreciated but it can sometimes put a damper on your outdoor plans. I’m writing a few suggestions of what we do here on rainy days when the trails are to soggy to hike and the lounge chairs are wetter than the pool. Read on for some good ideas:

1. Board Games-When was the last time you pulled away from the tv, computer, and cell phone and played a ripping good game of Pictionary with the family?

1. Pickens County Public Library– The library is a regular weekly stop for us but it is even better on rainy days. Brush up on your local history, or check out a great who-dunnit!

3. Fitness Center– If you can’t hike then head over to the fitness center for a yoga class, work out on the equipment, or do some laps in the indoor pool.

4. Movies– Dawsonville and Canton both have great theaters and are a short drive away. Grab a friend and a box of Snowcaps, and go see a movie, OR just rent a movie that you may have missed the first time around.

5. Big Canoe Animal Rescue– A rainy day is a good day to adopt a friend. BCAR does monthly adoptions rain or shine.

6. Stay home and cook a big meal– If you’re on vacation and renting a house with the family, why not have a mini-Thanksgiving?

7. Go Outside (kind of)-Tell the kids you are going to take a shower and  sneak onto your screen porch and read a good book.-Need I say more? Ahhhh

8. Apple and Peach Farms– The Atlanta crowd usually doesn’t come up on rainy days. You have the farms all to yourselves!

9. House Hunt– Call your real estate agent to go look at some Big Canoe homes for sale!- Most of us don’t melt in the rain and with a price range from 150K to 2.6M you’re bound to find something!

So if raindrops keep falling on your head, saturate your rainy day with any or many of these activities. We even went blueberry picking once in the rain! If you live in Big Canoe then you have learned that the rainy days are a perfect reason to press pause and relax for a while. If you’re really feeling cheeky then put on your raincoat and boots and splash around in some puddles while nobody is looking! Whatever activity you choose your Big Canoe weekend will be anything but a washout.

Have Fun!

~Karin Elliott

May 28th, 2009

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  • Hey Karin,

    Those are wonderful ideas for rainy days. However, we were extremely happy to have several days of perfect weather during our vacation in Jackson Hole and the national parks in Wyoming.

    But you know what? It’s always nice to come home . . . especially when your home is in the pristine North Georgia mountain paradise of Big Canoe!!

    Best regards,

  • Peter and Margot,
    It’s great to have you back. Looking forward to seeing some pics from your vacation!

  • Dan says:

    This weekend has been the complete opposite of the rainy weather described in your blog. Absolutely picture perfect weather, and lots of local events and activities going on around Big Canoe and Jasper – should provide good material for another blog post. 😀

  • Dan,
    You are 100% correct! This weekend in Big Canoe was a “top ten”! We had a blast at the pool and the Farmers Market too!

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