Therapeudic Day Trips Near Big Canoe: Horsebackriding

Springer Mountain Stables

Springer Mountain Stables

I am shamelessly promoting my favorite outdoor activity in the whole wide world; Horseback Riding! I have found that people either love horses or hate horses, and there really isn’t room for the indecisive. I’m writing to convince at least on reader to give horseback riding a try.

If you have never ridden a horse, but want to try, I highly recommend that you go over to Gold Creek Stables in Dalonaga, Ga. Its about a 20 minute ride from North Gate and about 5 miles past Amicalola Falls off Wesley Chapel Road. They have calm horses that know all the trails and and have carried many different riders. They also have carriage rides.
I grew up riding hunter jump horses from the age of 6, but I never found a horse under the Christmas tree. After 30 something years I decided to bite the bullet and get a horse. I bought a beautiful but young Tennessee Walking Horse that I named Sundance.

In order to acclimate I had to relate to life outside of the ring. As a kid who knew how to move out on a horse I found riding trails to be very boring because all you could do was walk. However, I met up with a friend at the barn who showed me all the trails around Cochran Mountain and nearby trails that we could ride over to from our barn; Springer Mountain Stables. We climb and descend steep hills, run through meadows, creeks, and I have even taken clients out on horseback to see homes! It is Heaven on Horseback.

The Barn is about 95% middle-aged women and a few husbands. My husband wouldn’t know how to get there even if I croaked over because he has only been there once. BUT the BEST part about this barn is that you can keep a horse on 150 acres of unbelievable views for $100/month. Big Canoe is not far and I have a friend from Big Canoe that brought her horse there after she heard me talking about it.

Horses are a great stress reliever and they are not that expensive, especially if you pasture board, which keeps a horse happy rather than cooped up in a stall. There are online groups on Facebook that sell used tack and you don’t have to blow all your money at Dover Saddlery.
If you are considering a horse OR a HOUSE, feel free to contact me:
Karin Elliott

March 23rd, 2017

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