Last week I rolled back prices on two wonderful Big Canoe homes.  As much as I hate to see these homes lowered to such rock bottom prices, I feel that the right price means everything in this market.  Buyer activity has shot up tremendously in the last few weeks. My phone has been ringing and I can hear my Supra key beeping frequently with showings.  A few more homes went under contract this month and others are still being negotiated. This encouraging news is invigorating to me because I think I can see “the bottom”. Though it may not be a great time to make frivolous purchases such as high end cars or furnishings, it is a great time buy a house! Cars, furniture, appliances, and vacations do NOT appreciate in value.  Homes purchased at recessed prices are far more likely to go up in value. Purchasing a home now means you have an investment that you can live with, no pun intended! 


9131 Shetland Trace

9131 Shetland Trace

The first reduction is 9131 Shetland Trace from $549,000 to $525,000. This home has 4 bedrooms on the main level a master wing and finished bonus room. The terrace level is partially finished but could easily accommodate 2 or 3 additional bedrooms and plenty of room left for recreation, storage, and a reinforced safe room. There is a fenced in back yard for children, a garden, or pets. The Equestrian Section of  the Big Canoe Community is a perfect place to walk the roads or the trails.

9071 Yearling in Big Canoe

9071 Yearling in Big Canoe

The next reduction is 9071 Yearling Lane, reduced from $699,000 to $550,000. Dropping  149K off the asking price means the Buyers are READY to sell! This home has 7 fire places, 6.5 baths, 5 bedrooms, 4 thick walls of solid log and additional insulation, 3 bedrooms on the main level, 2 full kitchens and 1 reinforced locking safe room. There are 2 propane tanks, a hardwired generator, and a level lower entrance that could accomodate a wheelchair. The picture does not do this house justice. The interior is truly remarkable!

Call me for an appointment and I’ll be happy to show it to you in person!

Karin Elliott-IBA Mountain Homes-770-655-4303

February 23rd, 2009

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She wants the cottage in the woods with a trickling stream or lake, high ceilings, big kitchen with granite, and a stone lined path to the front door and less than 3 minutes to the gate. He wants a rustic log cabin in the middle of nowhere with a big view, built in flat screen TV over the fireplace, a 3 car garage (with a urinal), and basement bar with a pool table. Luckily homes like these do exist in Big Canoe. The problem is that they usually are not side by side! This scenario is more common than not, in fact I am willing to bet some of my readers are laughing about it right now! As an “unlicensed” counselor (hee hee) I have learned a few tips to help make the Big Canoe Transition smooth and quarrel free.

First Tip is to take a weekend trip to Big Canoe. If you have already done this, skip to the Second Tip, otherwise check out our list of Big Canoe Rentals. Arrange a trip up and schedule your first day with me. I’ll be “Julie the Cruise Director” for day one and will simply guide you through the different neighborhoods and tell you a few secret shortcuts to make navigating Big Canoe a lot easier. We’ll look at all types of homes in your price range, and I’ll get a feel for what you like. Take the second day just to enjoy the amenities and explore on your own. Then you can both go home, sit on the porch, or by the fire and discuss the homes. Be prepared to disagree, remember the Mars and Venus book. (ergo Tip Two)

Second Tip involves 2 pens and 3 pieces of paper. You both need to make a list, without talking to each other about the “Must Haves” for your Big Canoe home. Make the list of 20 or more things. Fill every space! I say make the list long because you will inevitably choose some of the same things. Write the things you both want on page 3 and put a heart at the top! Go back to your individual wants and take a second look. Remember you each listed 20 so there are probably a few that you can live without. Scratch them off and If the house doesn’t come with it then you may be able to add it at a later date. Remember old Mick Jagger singing “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need!!” (Hope that song sticks with you for a few days, it’s one of my favorites!)

Third Tip is to think of one very important detail, RESELLABILITY! If life takes a turn and you need to move, will you be able to sell it? Views and waterfront properties are PRIMO in Big Canoe. Close proximity to the gate or the trails is also very desirable. Sometimes homes can get so customized that it turns off the potential buyers.

Fourth and Final tip is to be ready. Regardless of the market, the good Big Canoe homes for sale go fairly quickly. If you both really love it then make an offer if you can.

Hope my tips were helpful and that you both can find a way to come to terms on the same home. Agreeing on the Big Canoe Community is easy, finding the right home is a rewarding journey.

July 18th, 2008

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We had quite a few calls on the Big Canoe foreclosure I last wrote about, so I decided to add more pictures of the house itself. They may not make it on the cover of Architectural Digest, but Frank Loyd Wright certainly would have considered a lot like this! As I mentioned the house needs work including a roof, decks, carpet, kitchen, master bath, paint, and a whole lot of cleaning.   Again, what really ‘wowed’ us about this foreclosure was the large lot with the creek and small waterfalls behind the house.  I’ve never seen another creek lot like this in Big Canoe.  Enjoy the pics, and if you want to see our Big Canoe real estate listings, stop by our main site!


Exterior of Home


Fireplace on Main Level

Wide Plank Hardwood Floors

Main Level and Kitchen

Finished Bonus Room in Upper Level of Home

July 3rd, 2008

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Sconti Clubhouse Flyer

There is big excitement in Big Canoe! The highly anticipated opening of the new clubhouse  featuring the Mountains Grill and the Black Bear Pub is tonight, and I’ll be there to report the whole thing!  The picture above  is a scan of the Big Canoe POA flyer (click on it for a larger version) showing the floor plan on the new clubhouse, and I am really looking forward to checking out our new club in person.

Dan went down this morning to pick up our tickets from the new golf pro-shop.  Jim Story, Director of Amenities was on the job and said he expected approximately 2,000 residents to attend the event!! Many of the residents had a chance to peek in at the new clubhouse but I preferred not to see “the bride” before the wedding! I briefly spoke with Tom Fraley, the new Bartender at the Black Bear Pub this afternoon. He was cool as a cucumber and ready to start mixing!

Stay tuned for tonight’s report complete with pictures and commentary from yours truly!! Luckily I only have 2 tickets for complimentary drinks!

  • (706) 268-3326 – The Clubhouse at Lake Sconti 
  • Grand Opening starts at 5PM Saturday, June 21
  • Grand Opening party is for residents, but the new clubhouse is open to the public tomorrow (Sunday, June 22).
  • Read about the final event!  The unveiling of the new Big Canoe Clubhouse!

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June 21st, 2008

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