My Mom and Kids

My Mom and Kids

As an agent I get a lot of curious people who peruse Big Canoe homes for sale on either my site or on others. They are intrigued by the wide variety of homes from little log cabins to state of the art contemporaries. As I drive them through Big Canoe on the Introduction Tour they always ask me, “Who lives in Big Canoe?”, and to that I have no simple answer. I have lived here for 3 years and every day I meet someone new. I can not name them all but the following paragraphs are a sampler of what Big Canoe has to offer. It is an explanation of how we really don’t fit into a classification such as retirement community, vacation resort, weekend retreat, or subdivision. In a way Big Canoe is as unique as its name.

To start this off right I felt that I had to write about the residents of Big Canoe. Like a true city, Big Canoe has a wide selection of ages from 1 to probably 99 years of age. There are children of all ages, and many generations co-habitate very peacefully up here. It is not uncommon for a couple to move up here and within a few years either their children or their parents also move to Big Canoe as either weekenders or part timers. The home prices range from 200K up to 2M, which is more “inclusive” than “exclusive”. Occupations range from pilots, entrepreneurs, attorneys, surgeons, executives, carpenters, chefs, educators, a few celebrities, and many, many real estate agents (unlike me, most of the agents are retired and simply “dapple” in the art of real estate) If we were allowed to have signs in our yards there would be an even split between Democrats and Republicans and a wide river of “others” in between.

The one Big Canoe resident that struck me as the most interesting was Ms. Elly Baker. She was a poineer for Big Canoe who moved here from Buckhead after buying a lot here on May Apple for the very atractive price of $11.00 back in 1976! Of all places, I met Ms. Baker the week I moved in to Big Canoe at a local hair salon. I wondered if I had made the right decision to move here because it was my first week and I was a little overwhelmed. Ms. Baker talked to me as comfortably as she would talk to a close relative. She was welcoming and I could sense that she was happy in her stomping grounds. She kept my attention the whole time telling me how she started the Smoke Signals (Our local paper) as a flyer for the then 60 residents of Big Canoe! She wasn’t happy to see it now with all the advertising (including, but not limited to my own ad) and that they replaced her hand drawn logo. I don’t really blame her as that would tick me off too! Ms. Baker was recently featured in the Somke Signals because she has moved out west. There was an impressive list of her accomplishments and I feel honored to have met her in such a relaxed conversational environment as a hair salon. In fact, I felt inspired and hope in some way that I can make even half the mark that she has made in this little community. She will be missed tremendously.

Where do you see yourself as a Big Canoe resident? We have room for everyone! The only requirement is that you must be a free-thinker with a notion not to take life too seriously. Grumpy people need not apply, unless Big Canoe has been prescribed to you for therapy!

Hope to see you soon!


September 18th, 2008

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