Navigating Your Way Through Big Canoe

If you are heading up to visit Big Canoe for the first time then you need to make sure you write down the directions the old fashioned way. This is because Big Canoe doesn’t always play well with GPS. The drive is pretty even if you get lost. Once you arrive at Big Canoe, you will need to FIND your destination.  Navigating through the 80 plus miles of paved road in Big Canoe can be tricky if you don’t know where you are going.  Sit tight and follow these simple and hopefully helpful notes about driving in Big Canoe.

  1.  YOU MUST HAVE A GUEST PASS OR A REAL ESTATE AGENT TO GET INTO BIG CANOE. Big Canoe  has 2 entry gates. Both gates are located on Steve Tate Rd in Marble Hill, Georgia.   Most visitors come through the Main Gate, but the North Gate is important too because it is where you will need to throw out your trash. Whoever you are coming to see will tell you which gate to take.
  2. Talk to  the security personnel!  They will be happy to provide you with  a handy map of the community. Maps can also be found on the POA website at:
  3. The main road, Wilderness Parkway is a horseshoe through Big Canoe and it connects North and Main Gate.  Repeat it as your mantra on your first trip, Wilderness Parkway, Wilderness Parkway.
  4. In the center of Big Canoe you will find the center of the Big Canoe Community. There is a post office, fitness center, swim and beach club, tennis courts, and even a chapel. This is important to know because if you do become lost, THE WHITE ARROWS ON THE STREET SIGNS WILL LEAD YOU TO THE VILLAGE! Hooray, so now you are on the horseshoe and can hook right into Wilderness Parkway.
  5. If you are like me on my first visit, you will be driving for 30 minutes and wonder if you are still in Big Canoe. Guess what, yes you are still inside Big Canoe. The only way out aside from emergency exits are to go through North or South Gate.

So now you have earned your navigation badge for driving in Big Canoe, Congratulations!

Also, remember that you may contact me anytime at (770) 655-4303 to schedule a tour of the Big Canoe Community and look at the latest Big Canoe homes for sale!

~Karin Elliott

*Quick footnote regarding cell service. ATT and Verizon work best. All the other companies have sketchy reception at best.

October 20th, 2014

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