Here Come the Holidays!

Lake Petit

Lake Petit

Hooray for coats, hats, and fluffy mittens! They can hide that extra serving of dressing like nobody‚Äôs business. Right around October I start to go into a holiday frenzy that usually doesn’t end until St Patrick’s Day! There is something magical that happens after Halloween when the weather gets cold and we can bundle up in sweaters as if we were suddenly given cart-blanche to throw our diets to the wind and enjoy life for all it is worth. We dust off our cookbooks and gather with friends we haven’t seen in a while. Up in the North Georgia Mountains there is rarely a dull moment during this season.

Fall weekends in Big Canoe are full of excitement whether it is a wedding reception or a family football game out on the play field. Weekend drives to festivals, farm markets, vineyards, or just to explore seem livelier knowing that you may be able to find the perfect gift for that special person. Coming home to a warm fireplace or stopping off for a bite first at one of the friendly restaurants is true nirvana.

Holidays are synonymous to celebrating, and in order to host a proper party with plenty of guests you will need some room to gather. After living up here for 10 years I have become very fond of a big open floor plan. It makes last minute drop-in gatherings as easy as pumpkin pie! The homes up here seem to follow through with my theory and if you throw in a finished basement then the kids have a place to watch movies.

So kick up your heels and prepare for the holidays Big Canoe style, with open arms and a warm heart. Cheers to all!

Here are some links to open floor plan homes in Big Canoe. Enjoy!

November 19th, 2014

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