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Who could ever say no?

The last thing that you think about when you move is which new vet to use. However, if you have pets you are going to need a decent vet up here. Luckily there are plenty of great vets in the Big Canoe area and their prices are much lower than in town. I don’t like to admit that I am that crazy dog lady with 3 dogs and then some, but I have come to terms with it and accepted that badge. I also have a cat, 1 horse, 5 goats, and 17 chickens. Did I really admit that out loud? So, when it comes to vets I am your go-to Gal.

There are several great vets around here that handle more than just cats and dogs. Dr. Haberman in Dahlonega has state of the art equipment and specializes in surgery.  He also takes care of the Big Canoe Animal Rescue pets. There are other options that are closer for quick trips, check-ups, and minor emergencies. Dr Crow in Marble Hill is great and just down the road from IGA.  Paws on Main in Jasper is unique because they are an after hours vet which is perfect since my pets only choose to get sick after hours.  We had to go there a few times, and they were very kind to all our animals. There is a big animal emergency hospital in Canton. I had to take my fake border collie there once when he got into a yellow jacket nest.

I just had to run my beagle, Brandy, to an emergency vet yesterday because her eye was in rough shape. I went to Wayside Animal Hospital in Jasper, and they worked us in with a smile.  It was my first time going to Wayside and they stayed open late for us. I told them my budget and they stuck to it, eliminating a very expensive test. Luckily her eye turned out to be OK. However, I saw a lot of emergency animal patients heading in and out, including a cat fight victim, a cat with cancer, dog with diabetes, and a few others.  The staff was very friendly and it was a short trip down Cove Road.

For most of us, pets are family! We try to do the best we can with our ARK. In conclusion my additional advice on vets would be to shop around and do some online research. We found that word of mouth is pretty good up here too.  It might not be a bad idea to keep basic vet meds and/or a pet emergency kit  on hand, and remember that the temperatures can drop pretty quickly at night so be sure you keep them warm and safe.

Last, just to tie this into real estate, here are a couple of  listings available in Big Canoe that are both close to the dog park as well as the Wildcat area.

 Local Vet Info for Big Canoe

  • Dr. Crowe – Marble Hills Veterinary Clinic – (770) 893-4865
  • Dr. Haberman – Foothills Veterinary Clinic – (706) 216-1356
  • Dr Lewis – Wayside Animal Hospital – (706) 692-2210
  • Paws on Main After Hours Vet Care – (706) 253-2266
  • North Georgia Animal Emergency – (706) 632-7879

October 23rd, 2014

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