Celebrating 14 Years in the North Georgia Mountains

Springer Mountain Stables in Dahlonega

Springer Mountain Stables in Dahlonega

This week I am celebrating my 14th anniversary of living in the North Georgia Mountains! We left Duluth, Georgia and headed for the hills in a modern day wagon, the Ford Expedition. It was piled about as high as the Clampet wagon including 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. Although the ride up there was less than pleasant, it was the BIG change that we all needed. Big Canoe was our new destination and we were ready for anything.  If you’re considering buying in the North Georgia area or in Big Canoe, please allow me a shameless plug of a great listing in Big Canoe.

Big Canoe was, and still is,  enchanting! Pulling through the gates into this emerald forest was instantly decompressing. We moved in and met a lot of friends with kids too. I worried how it would be living here with young children, but it was fantastic! There were so many activities for kids, grand kids, and even the young at heart. The amenities made us feel like we were in camp all year long! We loved the new house too. It was so close to the gate and easy to get in and out of Big Canoe’s North Gate. However, it was time to quit playing so much and get the business running.

Big Canoe is where I started my real estate company, Independent Broker Associates, Inc. I didn’t know a whole lot about real estate, but I had a passing grade and  lot of patience; coming from a 10 year background in Elementary Education. This was just before the website advertising wave. My husband set me up and we started advertising all over the place. It was wild fun and I couldn’t believe how easy  it was. It took a while for the other agents to allow me to join their gaggles, but I persevered, understanding that they were here first and many of them were already retired. Some actually reached out to me and gave me sage advice. Without them I would have had a tough time figuring everything out. For example, the roads. God Bless the person who came up with all those road names but, like a new pair of glasses, suddenly it became clear. I made up songs to sing when I didn’t want to get lost. THIS WAS BEFORE GPS! It’s TRUE! One day I may hold my own concert in Big Canoe where all wayward guests can learn my driving songs! HaHa!

So in honor of this week I will sing my road songs, breathe in clean air, do a happy dance of survival in the mountains and take a good long ride on my horse, Sundance, through these amazing Foothills and confirm that I made the right decision to live happily ever after. Whether you are looking to be in Big Canoe, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, on a farm, or in a subdivision, I can honestly say that life is better in the mountains. Come on down or up, I’ll leave the lights on for you!


Karin Elliott



March 20th, 2017

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