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Halloween Snow

Halloween Snow in Big Canoe

Halloween is the official kickoff to the holiday season. This guilt free holiday beckons all Big Canoers both young and old to put on their favorite costumes and roll down to the Wildcat parking lot in a Cadillac converted into a coffin, or a Trick or Treat Truck.  However, this year we had quite a surprise and Trunk or Treat was shut down a bit early.

Just to set the tone, my kids are at that age where I let them go to town making their costumes. They make their lists, and I purchase whatever gruesome and bizarre things appear on it. This year was busy and last minute. I didn’t have time to shop. They pulled their costumes together from every nook and cranny in the house. We arrived fashionably late in our truck full of pre-teen Trick-or Treaters. I had to make some real estate calls, so I sat in the truck for about 30 minutes while the kids visited with friends and gathered up all the candy they could find.

As I walked up to the crowd I was just in time for the Costume Contest! The first was the Boy’s Costumes. I saw the competition and thought OK bring it on. The boys fidgeted on stage as the judges made their thoughtful decision. Oh the joyful swelling of pride I felt as they announced the winner, my son in his home gathered costume, a horse headed banana. He won $10 and still has it 24 hours later. The girls contest had more competition. My daughter was an Animal Hoarder/Crazy Cat Lady but sadly she was beaten out by a pirate with a sword. As they say, you can’t win them all!

As soon as the contest was over it started to pour down rain and the forecast was calling for snow! We made it home in time for scary movies and got to watch some flurries on HALLOWEEN! That is amazingly early even for the North Georgia Mountains. Happy Halloween and Happy Fall!

November 6th, 2014

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  • Valerie says:

    Snow!!! WOW, how exciting – Trunk or Treat sounds like fun!! What a nice local event to look forward to every year as a Big Canoe resident 🙂

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