Canvas Print Ideas to Increase House Value

A wall with décor and a blank wall, which one is more likely to attract attention, the former will definitely catch the eye’s attention, and the same goes for real estate. Canvas is not the only reason that would make potential clients settle with your home; they are, however, a good addition that will not only allow you to clinch the top dollar but also attract many prospective buyers, plain housed walls are a staple and it is high time they were replaced.

Canvas ideas are inexhaustible and a perfect piece can be curated for each of the rooms in your home. When selling your home, you won’t necessarily have to put canvas pieces in every room but you can use either  the bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, or kitchen canvas to encourage your buyers to settle with your house.

Different room canvas prints ideas 

Bedroom canvas prints ideas

Bedroom canvas prints either for the kids or the adults have a way of making the show house feel like your own. Homeowners will, therefore; place the canvas prints to indicate the positioning of the bed once you settle in. The same can be done to the nursery just to give the new parents a glimpse of what they can achieve with canvas prints in their toddler’s room, most of who end up replacing the print with the images of their babies on canvas.

Canvas prints ideas for the kitchen

Not everyone will appreciate canvas prints in their kitchen but if you can learn how to care for them then they will be very functional in obliterating boredom. The kitchen is the busiest room in the home at least after the bathroom; this particular room experiences a lot of activity and is more prone to moisture. There are, therefore, varied ways with which you can protect your canvas pieces, first is by avoiding to place them over the cooking stove, because the steam from the food will directly affect it.

So as you try to get your house off the market, position the relatable canvas print where your clients can relate with so that when they finally settle with you they know why the print has to be stationed in a certain position. Also, ensure to use appropriate images of foods, flowers, or utensils.

Canvas prints ideas for the living room

The living room in most homes is the most important and if you can click it in this one with the clients then you are likely to get your house off the market soon. Canvas for the living room has to observe certain principles, for example, it should match the colors used and it should evoke peaceful emotions. When a visitor enters your home, the colors used on the wall paint and the soft furnishings could either put a damper on their moods or excite them into happiness.

Living rooms, therefore, can be equipped with the 3D full wall canvas print art, which helps create the illusion of space; the lifelike images also make the room livelier. Now depending on your demography, you could also incorporate the canvas prints on the ceiling to boost the selling percentages.