About us

Ibamountainhomes is a digital real estate related content publish that is dedicated to providing the reader with content on matters of real estate property. We provide you with knowledge needed for property purchase and investment. ibamountainhomes.com is the connection between you and real estate professionals.

Our goals

one of our main goals is to offer you information on real estate that will help you find your dream property. We offer comprehensive information on real estate property hat will help you make an informed decision when buying and selling in real estate.

We offer a heap of useful resources and tools to help you manage your home and other real estate investments. Tracking the value and returns of your real estate property is an important matter when you plan on selling the in future.

We are dedicated to providing you with high quality content and variety of topic pertaining to real estate whether local or international. Finding high quality content online can be difficult which is why our aim is to provide you with true, and useful advice on real estate and other related topics.

Writers and experience

At Ibamountainhomes, we work with a team of investors, real estate property owners from different states, home designers, realtors (including buyers and sellers’ agents) and other real estate professionals to ensure the content provided on the website is truthful and completely researched.  There is a team of writers, editors, publishers and researchers who work to ensure the content on the website is easy to understand and presented in a beautiful format for the readers.

Editorial guidelines

We value your trust as the reader, which is why we work twice as hard to ensure the content published on  ibamountainhomes.com is accurate and truthful. Before any papers are published, we get accurate opinions from the whole team. We also look into different aspects of real estate investment to help you achieve success in this field. We explore different investment strategies, as well as provide expert tips to help minimize the risk of loss